I’m Emma, a certified Personal Trainer dedicated to helping ladies like you look great and feel good about yourself as you embark upon this journey of returning to health and fitness.

I’ve always had a passion for fitness (mainly cardio if I’m honest!) but since deciding to change career in my 40’s, I have learnt the amazing benefits that strength training can bring resulting in a more toned, leaner physique. If you’ve never tried resistance training, believe me, it’s the smart woman’s way to train!

I started Diva Fitness in April 2017 based on the idea of providing ladies only an exclusive place to train in the privacy of a home-based private studio.

I completely understand that not everyone is comfortable in a public gym and wanted to offer an amazing alternative to work out in where you can be yourself without feeling conscious or anxious of those around you. I designed the studio myself to include enough cardio equipment to burn off those excess calories but also have enough space to incorporate body weight interval training moves which target fat loss quick.

If it’s a sunny day, let’s even incorporate some outdoor training!

30% Exercise, 70% Diet – Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!!

To complement your training, it is essential that you fuel your body with a healthy balanced diet. If your BMI is 30+, or your % body fat is too high, perhaps some nutritional sessions may be the best way to start. These can include food diary reviews, meal planning, cookery sessions or even a home visit – feel free to include your partner or a friend in these sessions too.


Premier qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer
Member of REPS
Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Certification
Nutrition & Weight Management
First Aid qualified
Member of NRPT (National Register or Personal Trainers)
NASM Senior Fitness Certification
Fitness Pilates
Powerhoop Instructor

Contact Emma

Mobile: 07966 874 821

Email info@diva-fitness.co.uk

Location: Sandringham Ave, Chester CH3 5JG